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Now I Know Better

Life being an ever-learning journey is a TRUE STORY indeed. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned, am learning is TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. I will be the first person to scream, “self reflection” but boy have I had a up close and personal experience with that recently.

One thing that came out of this is how God deals with you one on One. It won’t be understood by many, I’ve found that was by design and where your peace lies. We can take solace in obeying God without explanation to others, especially when we are clear we are Following His Way :).

God’s Ways we can’t fathom even with the highest degree and IQ we won’t come close. I know better, a little better now. I’m back on track. No explanations needed… Thank You Lord.


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Your Choice…

There’s this wonderful thing called “free will,” that I think we grossly misunderstand.  No one person is without mistake, but the thing about making mistakes is whether or not you learn from them.  So, you’re free will… you make a choice, that choice results in a consequence, that consequence results in a process or pathway you travel and some choices leave us wondering, “Did I make the right choice?” or “Why did I make this choice?”  It’s funny, in my own learning, growing, changing, and being corrected, I have indeed found myself not always accepting the consequences of the choices I made.  Some things, I didn’t want to take responsibility for, I didn’t want to acknowledge that there were choices I made, some where that got me to this crazy point I stand at today.  I realize, not taking responsibility for the free will decisions I’ve made and instead wanting to blame God or even another person for the outcome as a result of my choices, prevented me from LEARNING from it.  I used to be that person… victim, the one people wanted to hurt, or my favorite, “Oh I’m a black sheep…”  However, today, I realize that was a coward out, a way for me to avoid have to pull myself up by my boot straps, swallow my pride and say, “Hey, you made a few mistakes, some choice that landed you here, but now, wash your face, look to God and find out the next step He wants you to take to begin the correction and restoration process.”

I am not saying, that everything someone goes through is their fault, because there are God allowed things that happen in our lives, that I just gotta be honest, we aren’t meant to understand them.  I believe that is the pill that is the hardest to swallow for a free will being… especially living in a country where many people actually believe they are entitled.  This message, is simply about taking responsibility for where you are in life.  I can’t put my mouth on any one else, but Stacy, oh boy have I taken the process I was meant to endure and blame someone else for it.  I was foolishly bold enough to even say, “God is selective in whom He loves, because if He really loved me, I wouldn’t be going through: [this].”  In essence, I didn’t believe God’s Word, that “all things work together for good to those who love God…(Romans 8:28)”  What God promised in that scripture couldn’t come true in my life until I believed the second part of it, “to those who are called according to His purpose.”  The second part of that scripture to me means, I had to first believe He called me and secondly, I had to trust what He called me for…including all that I had to face in this life.  I wanted God in my life when it benefited me, I didn’t want to serve Him, I wanted Him to serve me.  Don’t raise your eyebrows at that statement, every time we deviate from God’s plans, purpose for something, every time we make a choice that directly contradicts His will… we say in no uncertain terms, “God I want You to serve me; I’m not interested in serving, obeying and trusting You or Your plans.” I think if we truly heard ourselves saying those words when we ignore the still small voice, the gut feeling, the countless warnings He gives us right before we do something of our own free will, we’d be less likely to do it.

Even in the making of the mistake, the blatant decisions I’ve made which resulted in me enduring a tough process, there’s Hope; God still covers and protects, while He corrects. I love that the choices I’ve made can be used to make me a better me if I first take responsibility for the choice I made, repent and ask God to lead me, decrease me that He might increase within me.  I know that is something tough for people to grasp… God having such a measure of faithfulness, such a Love for a people who turn their backs on Him and blame Him at every turn, but He still blesses, protects, covers, re-directs, shares, cares, and wants them apart of Him.  But again, to see that… guess what it starts with… Your Choice.

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Processing – The Individual’s Journey

We walk many roads during our life’s journey and most of our journey’s can’t be explained or understood but we push forth to find our way.  As I grow I find myself learning and understanding the concept of processing and going through processes.  Life hasn’t been “easy” for me but it hasn’t been a constant strand of pain and misery either.  I am finally at a place in my journey where I am starting to connect the dots of my life that I once tagged with the label of misery and I appreciate it.  I realized, had hard, painful, stressful situations not happened in my life I would not know compassion the way I do.  I would not know the healing power of prayer, God’s miraculous delayering power that caused my once hardened heart to forgive.  I held on to a lot, I fought turning pages in my life that God meant for me to turn, and I internalized my hurts.  I started just opening my mouth and talking to God…. whereas I once “vented” to people, I simply started talking to God.  It was when I took those talks seriously that the processing began.  Things I once completely misunderstood about my life begin to make complete sense to me.  He’s fixing my heart; pieces of it are still missing, areas of it are still tender and bruised, but areas of it that I thought would never be healed are healed too.  I realize the processing is indeed working out for the good of me.

I have to let go, forgive, remember some things and forget others; more important than anything I have to endure the process to see a better, stronger, growing me.  I truly know what it means now when my grandma used to say, “Baby, don’t despise the process…” 


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Connect With Me

Hey WP Family!

The weekend is here!!!  I have lots of productivity in house activities planned for me and my family!!  I wanted to take time to share other outlets of communication where I want you my Word Press family to connect with me:

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I hope you’ll connect with me; I am excited to connect with you!


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Out Of Old Ways

How do you deal with yourself when you make decisions that land you in a place that has you burdened?  This is a question that I’m asking myself at this VERY MOMENT.  It’s easy to bounce around, smile and be super duper grateful for life when things are “going your way” but what about when you make decisions in one moment that leave you burdened, messed up or out of order in another moment?  How do you cope?

Yes, you take responsibility for where you are, how you ended up there, and you do you try to think of ways to rectify the mess you’ve made but when all else fails what’s next?  Easier said than done, I know but PRAY.  Prayer releases peaces, prayer opens your heart to plans that God has in place to see you through the mess you’ve made.  You get sick and tired of being sick and tired, you want to make decisions that lead to good consequences not circling the same walk way you have been for years.  Honest moment: WP that’s me.  But as I type up this blog, I am paying attention to the words that are given to me so that I can practice what I preach.

I will do better with situations that continue to resurface in my life; I believe God allows things to resurface so that we can learn the lesson and once we learn the lesson it no longer shows its face.  My prayer is that I learn all the necessary lessons in the current situation I’m in so that I can conquer this thing and move on from it forever.  It burdens me, hurts me to no end every time I have to face the same situation; but there’s something different about this time, this time I’m determined to do whatever I need to do to not allow this situation to burdened me as it has many times in the past.  This time I WILL be more disciplined, make the necessary sacrifices to get past this issue that only heavy’s me when I don’t do what I am supposed to do in the moments I am supposed to do them.

WP, this blog is self examining for me — showing me where I need to grow and what I need to do to get better…

Out of Old Ways

Doing things out of haste

Those things resulting in waste

Choices in moments

That affect the future

That you lace with the excuse,

“You only live once”

Or my favorite

“Tomorrow’s not promised”

But then God allows

Tomorrow to show it’s face

Having you to face the decision you made

Learn the lesson in that moment

That God has presented you with

Walk around that manhole

I know you’re tired of falling in it

Here’s some hope

In this message I give

Once you get past this hump

You’ll have wisdom to bless someone else with


​©SimplyStacy Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.Image

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Growing…Now I Know Where I’m Going

I’m transitioning; has all transitions been painless? Certainly not! However, each transition has grown something new in me or something old out of me.  I started a journey of sharing my poetry publicly; I’ve gone through the insecurity phase associated with that portion of my journey.  I’ve often wondered why I’m not as “good” as some of the artists I’ve shared stages with or seen perform.  Thinking on that, I had to be snatched back, “According to who’s standards are you measuring if you’re good enough?” that’s what the still small Voice spoke to my heart (convicting).

The next phase of my transition is complete; I’m secure, truly secure being me. No, I may not have the the most theatrical presentation of poetry, I may not be able to send the audience on a metaphorical journey to understanding; but I can speak life eloquently in the way that God intends for me to do.  I’m growing, learning with each step where I’m going and it feels good.  It feels good to get past my PAST; you overcome things daily, through self examination, acceptance and release. You examine yourself, ensure that you’re standing on solid ground, not worrying about what others are doing (I mean, when do you have time, you can barely keep up with you).  You accept that there are somethings that will happen in life that you simply can’t control, there are somethings you just won’t know till you get there, there are some things you just have to accept!  Then there’s release, release yourself from your past, release yourself from what’s offended you, release yourself from thoughts that aren’t beneficial to you… RELEASE

I stand today, RIDICULOUSLY thankful for where I am.  I have a LONG way to go, but I have to remember I had a long way to go to get here and I made it, I’ll make it there too!  The key is, I’ll never give up Hope, I’ll hold on tight to my Faith, and remember that every fall isn’t in vain God has a purpose for that too!Image

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