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Now I Know Better

Life being an ever-learning journey is a TRUE STORY indeed. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned, am learning is TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. I will be the first person to scream, “self reflection” but boy have I had a up close and personal experience with that recently.

One thing that came out of this is how God deals with you one on One. It won’t be understood by many, I’ve found that was by design and where your peace lies. We can take solace in obeying God without explanation to others, especially when we are clear we are Following His Way :).

God’s Ways we can’t fathom even with the highest degree and IQ we won’t come close. I know better, a little better now. I’m back on track. No explanations needed… Thank You Lord.


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Your Choice…

There’s this wonderful thing called “free will,” that I think we grossly misunderstand.  No one person is without mistake, but the thing about making mistakes is whether or not you learn from them.  So, you’re free will… you make a choice, that choice results in a consequence, that consequence results in a process or pathway you travel and some choices leave us wondering, “Did I make the right choice?” or “Why did I make this choice?”  It’s funny, in my own learning, growing, changing, and being corrected, I have indeed found myself not always accepting the consequences of the choices I made.  Some things, I didn’t want to take responsibility for, I didn’t want to acknowledge that there were choices I made, some where that got me to this crazy point I stand at today.  I realize, not taking responsibility for the free will decisions I’ve made and instead wanting to blame God or even another person for the outcome as a result of my choices, prevented me from LEARNING from it.  I used to be that person… victim, the one people wanted to hurt, or my favorite, “Oh I’m a black sheep…”  However, today, I realize that was a coward out, a way for me to avoid have to pull myself up by my boot straps, swallow my pride and say, “Hey, you made a few mistakes, some choice that landed you here, but now, wash your face, look to God and find out the next step He wants you to take to begin the correction and restoration process.”

I am not saying, that everything someone goes through is their fault, because there are God allowed things that happen in our lives, that I just gotta be honest, we aren’t meant to understand them.  I believe that is the pill that is the hardest to swallow for a free will being… especially living in a country where many people actually believe they are entitled.  This message, is simply about taking responsibility for where you are in life.  I can’t put my mouth on any one else, but Stacy, oh boy have I taken the process I was meant to endure and blame someone else for it.  I was foolishly bold enough to even say, “God is selective in whom He loves, because if He really loved me, I wouldn’t be going through: [this].”  In essence, I didn’t believe God’s Word, that “all things work together for good to those who love God…(Romans 8:28)”  What God promised in that scripture couldn’t come true in my life until I believed the second part of it, “to those who are called according to His purpose.”  The second part of that scripture to me means, I had to first believe He called me and secondly, I had to trust what He called me for…including all that I had to face in this life.  I wanted God in my life when it benefited me, I didn’t want to serve Him, I wanted Him to serve me.  Don’t raise your eyebrows at that statement, every time we deviate from God’s plans, purpose for something, every time we make a choice that directly contradicts His will… we say in no uncertain terms, “God I want You to serve me; I’m not interested in serving, obeying and trusting You or Your plans.” I think if we truly heard ourselves saying those words when we ignore the still small voice, the gut feeling, the countless warnings He gives us right before we do something of our own free will, we’d be less likely to do it.

Even in the making of the mistake, the blatant decisions I’ve made which resulted in me enduring a tough process, there’s Hope; God still covers and protects, while He corrects. I love that the choices I’ve made can be used to make me a better me if I first take responsibility for the choice I made, repent and ask God to lead me, decrease me that He might increase within me.  I know that is something tough for people to grasp… God having such a measure of faithfulness, such a Love for a people who turn their backs on Him and blame Him at every turn, but He still blesses, protects, covers, re-directs, shares, cares, and wants them apart of Him.  But again, to see that… guess what it starts with… Your Choice.

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Refocused, To Make Better Choices…

Service was really good at New Mercies today; I needed that, it was reiteration of the Word given back at the end of last year and I’m refocused, have been in refocus mode for about six weeks. I thank God for reminders like the Word that went forth today.  We need a healing, this world, the Church, needs a REAL healing. You know what’s funny about that though? God wants to heal us, but we choose to go against Him, mock and judge others who decide to walk with Him, box Him into religion and traditional practices, dismiss Him or pull Him out when it’s the “right” time to call on Him — how can He move when we make choices not to choose Him?

So, what do you do? Yes, of course you pray for as many people as you can, for as much change as you can. Then what? You do, as much as He equips you too — feed a homeless person regardless of their skin tone, make a stranger feel at home, give out of your overflow and even in your lack — forget about the religious rhetoric and assure God that in spite all that’s against Him you have His Back. Yes, I believe in Jesus Christ, that I won’t apologize for, in my heart I believe He saved my life — evened the score. I won’t argue with anyone about my beliefs, I’ll just keep believing, loving Him, sharing His principles and doing the best I can to grow into a better WOman every day…

If we just took a moment to stop, look around and ask ourselves, what good is our arguing, hateful spews, and judgmental views doing for a dying world? A dying community? For that family who needs food to eat? If they were white and you were black would you deny them a sandwich for their kids because of their hue? I could go on and on, but Lord I’ll leave this up to you.


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Why Do You Apologize

Why is it so difficult to be unapologetic about decisions we make regarding our personal lives?  What is it about us as individuals that make us feel the need to explain the choices we make to each other?  Here’s what’s funny, we work hard to live up to the standards of other people who struggle with the exact same issues as ourselves.  We allow folks to set expectations of us then we try to live up to them; making decisions in a bubble to please the imperfect.  Let’s ponder on that for a second; I know I’m guilty, can’t speak for anyone else.  I’m guilty of trying to please people, afraid I may offend someone or hurt their feelings because I believe a certain thing, feel a certain way or make certain choices about my life.  Why? Why do we do that?  Why can’t we be unapologetic about decisions we make regarding our personal lives…

Well, that’s why I am writing this, to change the dynamic that has plagued many of us for TOO LONG.  The dictionary definition of  unapologetic is not acknowledging or expressing regret.  Now, that does not mean you be unapologetic about reckless activity; however, when you make life choices, who you marry, career decision, health choices, choices about your family you should be unapologetic, owing no one an explanation outside of those directly impacted by your decision.  In short, quit trying your position and simply maintain it.  The only One I’m apologetic too about choices I make is God.  See, I’m mindful of Him, making sure I seek Him before I make moves, I don’t always get it right, but I certainly try a lot harder to make sure I’m led by Him.  As long as you have God’s stamp of a approval on the choices you can be unapologetic about how you proceed with your life…

Be unapologetic


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Choosing To Love…

The newness of love; there’s nothing like it.  If we’re honest with ourselves, the feelings, moments, memories made when a new love blossom are the same fruits we strive for throughout the relationship — we want those exact experiences back.  But you miss out on so much when you try to recapture past moments, feelings, experiences.  I’ve learned through my own personal journey in love that some of the most amazing moments were grown into…

You don’t have the fairytale everyday, no but the good should outweigh the bad (personal choices).  Happiness and love go hand in hand; because we have to make a choice to do both.  Life can be so rough and it is in our human nature to gauge how we feel based on what we see, so if we are having a rough go and looking at what we see we won’t be happy unless we choose to be… So, you choose to love and you choose to be happy.  Some days those are HARD HARD choices to make, but they are choices nonetheless.  This blog talks about the choice of LOVE….choosing to be happy….

I had some rough bounces in my 14 year marriage and 16 year relationship with my husband and it took a near break to realize he and I both had choices to make if we wanted to keep our marriage tight on a track to grow and go.  We went through a tough marital storm that brought us to our knees and our senses.  We ended up in counseling — word of advice counseling should be a staple in relationships.  Counseling to marriage and love relationships is like the doctor to your body, prayer to your spirit, it’s something that you shouldn’t wait to or pursue when things get bad.  However, it took that series of humbling experiences to teach us what we needed to do.  We even had to make a choice to make it work.  So, now we choose to love, we love daily… we have issues, some days we don’t want to like each other, but what’s funny is it doesn’t last long.  Arguments are few and far between, butterflies are returning and we find new reasons to make one another smile.

Love and happiness go hand in hand… we choose to love and we choose to live in happiness… enjoy this life… while you can…


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