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Adult Bullying: Why??

I dealt with bullying as a child, the “justification” for the actions of the bully was, “Oh, they’re just children, immature.”  Well, now I’m well into my 30s, almost 40 and I’d like to know, what’s excuses are we flailing around to explain adult bullies?  Social media has opened up worlds we once had no access to; it has also given us this false idea that we have a right to give our opinion on people’s lives that we don’t contribute to.  That is how I came to write this blog, while perusing social media I came across a series of articles discussing a “beef” between two female celebrities.  As I watched all the various videos about these two women, it made me really sad, because all I kept thinking about was everyone has their own lane.  There was no need for these two women to tear each other down the way they were and it was even more disappointing that the media was fueling the flame.  One of the ladies was very intentional in her slander of the other woman; she made sure her social media followers followed suit ultimately bringing the other lady to tears.

This is all so unnecessary to me, but it does bring an issue to light that we’ve politely swept under the rug; adult bullying.  I really wish we did believe the cliche’s we throw around, “no need to compete, there’s enough for everyone to go around,” “comparison is the death of originality,” etc… but we really don’t believe it, it just sounds good to say!  The root of bullying is INSECURITY… Insecurity that has not been dealt with births envy, jealousy, the need to tear someone else down so that you can feel better about you.  When we’ve truly dealt with our insecurities, accepting who we are, changing at our own pace, there’s no need to tear someone else down who may be a little further along than we are.  It is sad that we live in the world that masks insecurities by way of breaking others down.

Why is it so hard to celebrate the next man?  Why do adults come after other adults? If you have an opinion about the life of another person, write it down and say it to yourself.  Breaking people down to lift yourself up is the quickest way to break yourself down.



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