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Looking over my life, who I am, what I’ve done, what I haven’t done, the good, the bad, the ugly of it all… I realized, through each experience, I’ve defined myself by so many superficial things…. as I journey forward, my mistakes in life are more visible not to hold me hostage, but to help me learning.  Needless to say, I’m learning.  Insecurities are real, however, I know they can be dealt with, I’m dealing with mine and I’m not defined by many of them like I used to be.  People need our authenticity; they don’t need to see the masks, they need to see us making it through difficulties and the especially need to know Who helped us through our painful journey’s.  Easier said, than done.  I know, but it’s doable.  I am thankful for this season right here, where I currently am.  It’s not easy but it’s not unbearable.  I hear people saying, love yourself, be who you are, but that really doesn’t deal with the core issues that people have.  You don’t just wake up loving yourself…. especially if you’re burdened by insecurities.  People need to know how to deal with their hurt, tell them how you dealt with yours… the nights you prayed, cried, days you cursed, days you lied… the forgiveness talks with God…the morning walks where you just reflected in silence.  The moments where you had to say you’re sorry, face that nightmare in order to see it fade away.  People can’t love themselves until they deal with their issues, however God leads them to do it.  Share the encouragement, that there is a CHOICE…. your voice is important, and God has a plan for you.  The definition of who we are can be found in Jesus…

Just sharing some thoughts, hope you all enjoyed!


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