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There is so much to look forward to in every new day we’re given.  Seems like the older I get the more things began to make sense and the more I find myself wondering how different certain situations would be if I knew “then” what I know now.  However, God provided the outcomes of every life situation I had based on the choices I made and that’s how I ended up in the place I’m in today.  Makes me think about the choices I make going forward, b/c even the choices that weren’t so smart, once I stopped trying to do things my way and literally gave the broken pieces over to God, He made those broken pieces into something.  Today, I realize I have to choose God to lead, choose God’s Voice, choose God.  Every situation won’t be perfect, the glitches will make sense down the line…  I didn’t trust God in every area of my life my whole life.  I had to take some hits, but I’m thankful that the scars aren’t visible. I realize more and more each day that I need God for everything and I have to learn how to trust Him fully.


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