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Peace… Have You Invited It In?

You know, it’s funny, we’ve all said it or thought it once in our lifetime, “I need peace.” Then I was placed on a journey by God that left me at this place, “Peace is always available; however, it must be invited in.” I realized in some of my most hellish moments that peace was available to me, but I wasn’t thinking about peace in order to receive it. My focus was on my issue, my thoughts were on the things I worried about, what had been done to me. I wasn’t focused on centering myself, having a quiet moment inside and around me to allow peace to reside. I now know, in order to have peace, I must first be peaceful. You can’t be peaceful if you’re anxious, you can’t be peaceful if you’re worried and concerned, you can’t be peaceful if your heart is hardened by pain. You can indeed pray for peace; I have learned there are some prayers God answers as fast as you can get off your knees from praying them. A lot of times we miss the answer because we expect it to come in a certain manner or we’re still focused on the request we prayed not really leaving it at God’s feet.

We’re surrounded by everything that wants to rob us of our peace, so it is up to us to posture ourselves to receive peace; even in the most toughest times. Peace is always yours to receive, put yourself in position to receive it.IMG00169


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