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For Granted…

There are so many things we take for granted…we become comfortable in life and let each day pass us by until someone passes away that is… then we pause. Pause to reflect on how short life is and for a brief moment how much we take for granted.  What will it take for us to spend more time loving those we dismiss in our daily doings? To really thank God for the ability to breathe on our own? When will we take a moment to enjoy the changing of the day sincerely?  Is death the only trigger that will bring us back to the place of remembrance about what we take for granted?  What have you forgotten?

My “For Granted” List

I thank God for my sister friends — the one’s that will be there till the end

For the ability to breathe

For being loved unconditionally

For quiet moments that produce loud results

I’m thankful for the lessons learned from my faults

I will remember more

I will hold close what lies in store

“For Granted” will be forgotten

I won’t dismiss any of it anymore



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Why Do You Apologize

Why is it so difficult to be unapologetic about decisions we make regarding our personal lives?  What is it about us as individuals that make us feel the need to explain the choices we make to each other?  Here’s what’s funny, we work hard to live up to the standards of other people who struggle with the exact same issues as ourselves.  We allow folks to set expectations of us then we try to live up to them; making decisions in a bubble to please the imperfect.  Let’s ponder on that for a second; I know I’m guilty, can’t speak for anyone else.  I’m guilty of trying to please people, afraid I may offend someone or hurt their feelings because I believe a certain thing, feel a certain way or make certain choices about my life.  Why? Why do we do that?  Why can’t we be unapologetic about decisions we make regarding our personal lives…

Well, that’s why I am writing this, to change the dynamic that has plagued many of us for TOO LONG.  The dictionary definition of  unapologetic is not acknowledging or expressing regret.  Now, that does not mean you be unapologetic about reckless activity; however, when you make life choices, who you marry, career decision, health choices, choices about your family you should be unapologetic, owing no one an explanation outside of those directly impacted by your decision.  In short, quit trying your position and simply maintain it.  The only One I’m apologetic too about choices I make is God.  See, I’m mindful of Him, making sure I seek Him before I make moves, I don’t always get it right, but I certainly try a lot harder to make sure I’m led by Him.  As long as you have God’s stamp of a approval on the choices you can be unapologetic about how you proceed with your life…

Be unapologetic


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Self Reflection: Growing…

Self reflection is not an easy process; you know what I mean? To really assess yourself, what you’ve done, what you haven’t done, how you’ve changed, what you need to change it takes a lot to do it.  However, I’ve learned that if you take a moment, stop and turn the mirror on yourself you open up the opportunity for God to truly minister to you.  We all have things about us that we’d like to have changed, I’ve learned in my moments of self examination, God can and will change the things about me if I put my pride down and allow Him too.

Growth is not easy but it’s worth it.  I used to be an approval addict, looking for acceptance from people and doing whatever I had too to get it.  I was also led by my emotions, whenever things happened to me, I emotionally responded which left me in a place of remorse later.  So to say I’m grateful for growth is absolutely the truth.  I realize now after overcoming those things there’s much more work in me that God has to do, that’s why I need to make sure I don’t stand in His way.  It’s not always easy turning the mirror on to me, but I’m glad to be growing…

A better me on the horizon…Image

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Simply Stacy Poetry – Booking for 2014

Hey WP Family!!

I’m being proactive, reaching out to secure poetry opportunities for 2014.  I am a clean poet and I won’t hide the fact that a large of my poetry is spiritual based and the sole goal of every piece I write is to please God.  I write about love, life, and growing in God.  If you’re interested in hearing some of my work please visit and click on Gallery!  If you’re looking for a poet to perform at your birthday party, celebrations or venue events please connect with me at


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A Letter To My Sisters

I owe you an apology

For judging you

Without having known what you’ve been through

For setting expectations on you based on my experiences

Sister, dear sister

I apologize to you

Jealousy reared its ugly head in me

And I was too filled with pride to say I’m sorry

For not embracing you

Encouraging and empowering you on through

Instead, I rolled my eyes and said…

“She thinks she’s cute…”

For that, I am saying I am sorry to you

My sister

Created by God’s Hands too

I have no right

To cut my eyes at you

To cause you pain

Stress or disdain

He called you too by your name

When we were created

He intended for us to come together

See God knows there’s strength in numbers

Our strength combined

Could hold nations together

One sister at a time

But O satan

He came to kill steal and destroy

So he started with us

Planting the seed of discord

I have no reason not to like you

But my insecurities within

Won’t allow me to have the gift of being your friend

But today my sister

The separation ends here

Today, I uplift you

Today, I offer my hand

I ask you to forgive me

And I pray to God

To heal our land

Today is a new

Today, sister, I walk hand in hand with you

As God intended for us to do

We will come together and bless Him Name

If He can use no one else

He will be able to use me and you

A Letter To My Sisters


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Choosing To Love…

The newness of love; there’s nothing like it.  If we’re honest with ourselves, the feelings, moments, memories made when a new love blossom are the same fruits we strive for throughout the relationship — we want those exact experiences back.  But you miss out on so much when you try to recapture past moments, feelings, experiences.  I’ve learned through my own personal journey in love that some of the most amazing moments were grown into…

You don’t have the fairytale everyday, no but the good should outweigh the bad (personal choices).  Happiness and love go hand in hand; because we have to make a choice to do both.  Life can be so rough and it is in our human nature to gauge how we feel based on what we see, so if we are having a rough go and looking at what we see we won’t be happy unless we choose to be… So, you choose to love and you choose to be happy.  Some days those are HARD HARD choices to make, but they are choices nonetheless.  This blog talks about the choice of LOVE….choosing to be happy….

I had some rough bounces in my 14 year marriage and 16 year relationship with my husband and it took a near break to realize he and I both had choices to make if we wanted to keep our marriage tight on a track to grow and go.  We went through a tough marital storm that brought us to our knees and our senses.  We ended up in counseling — word of advice counseling should be a staple in relationships.  Counseling to marriage and love relationships is like the doctor to your body, prayer to your spirit, it’s something that you shouldn’t wait to or pursue when things get bad.  However, it took that series of humbling experiences to teach us what we needed to do.  We even had to make a choice to make it work.  So, now we choose to love, we love daily… we have issues, some days we don’t want to like each other, but what’s funny is it doesn’t last long.  Arguments are few and far between, butterflies are returning and we find new reasons to make one another smile.

Love and happiness go hand in hand… we choose to love and we choose to live in happiness… enjoy this life… while you can…


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Day 4: Thankful for Hope

I am thankful for hope. Hope brings you strength!! Hope brings optimism and I’m grateful for it.  Jesus brings me hope, I’m EXTREMELY thankful for Him.

WP family I want to encourage you all to have hope, hope in life, hope in your dreams, hope in God.  Things you face today are not as hard as they seem and they will get better…trust me on that!

What are you thankful for?


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Thankful Journey

Day 1 – I am thankful for life; so many are passing on suddenly and the reality checks still don’t seem to be enough to make the world PAUSE from the microwave moves we make to simply ENJOY life… I am thankful for the intricate details that make up our lives, the ability to breath, the ability to speak, the ability to think – I am thankful for LIFE.

Day 2 – I am thankful for LOVE.  It’s a beautiful gift that is available to every person that desires it – friendship love, intimate relationship love, and most of all Spiritual love — so many ways to love there leaves no excuses not to love.  I am thankful for the ability to share in a love journey on so many facets with so many people.  I am thankful for LOVE.

Day 3 – I am thankful for GROWTH — growing isn’t easy, you grow up, some things you have to grow out of and some things you have to grow into…I am thankful for growing up physically, growing up mentally, growing out of bad ways and growing into a more secure me.  I am thankful for the ability to receive knowledge then applying it which in turns works it into the wisdom I need to grow into a better me.  I am thankful for GROWTH.

I’ll be on track WP Family for the rest of the month with my daily Thankful posts…who knows it may become a habit…after all I have a LIFETIME to be thankful for.  I am thankful for each and everyone of you that have taken time to read this post.  Happy Sunday!!


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