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What you give is what you get, right?

Well, what about the ones who give their all

But they get less than less

See, the premises on which you give

Should be, without expectation of reciprocation

Give because someone needs it

Give because your heart bleeds it

Give because it’s the right thing to do

Give with the goal of becoming a better you

Society’s standards say to keep your hands closed

Get yours and yours alone

But that gets your no where fast

Fattens a few and leaves poverty to the masses

Give to help, heal, furnish with hope



​©SimplyStacy Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved


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I’ve Got Something To Say…

Hey There WP Family!

I have an event coming up and I would LOVE for you to join me! I’m performing at the annual Finding Eve Soul Cafe Praise & Poetry event.  This event will consist of singers, dancers, poets, lyricists, comedians and SO MUCH MORE! It’s happening Friday, September 6, 2013 details listed below:

Kingdom Living Ministries International, 202 Robinson Road, Peachtree City, GA 30269. Admission is $7.00 in advance (visit to purchase advanced seats) and $10.00 at the door!  I promise you, you won’t be disappointed! I hope you all come on out 🙂


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Our Love

It’s like the moment you realize your heart is at peace

The moment where that thing that stressed you, left you


It’s like the finding the single piece to the puzzle

That’s seemed to last forever

Yea, that’s what’s it like when you and I are together

It’s like writing the missing lyric

To complete that perfect song

It’s like hearing the sound of soft rain

On a romantic night you want to last ALL NIGHT LONG

That moment that gives you life

Blissful, warm, you know that kind

That’s what our love is like

What we have is far beyond what society says

We go against the grain seeking within the deep

You know the kind, where one watches the other while they sleep

God hand mixed the colors of our love

Red with Blue to make the purple ribbons tied around are hearts

Then He blessed it and we promised Him we’d never part

This love is different

Never to be the norm

This love is forever

Keeping the two of us eternally warm

This Love.


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**TONIGHT** Spend A Little Time With Simply Stacy

Hey WP family!  Join me tonight online, I’ll be featuring on Conscious Groove Spoken Word Sunday with hosts, Poetess Tracy Powell and Darrell Mitchell!  This is my second time being apart of this AWESOME show!  You can log in using your laptop, Macbook, tablet and they even have an app for your cell phone! Visit tonight at 7p EST.  Call in too, I’d love to chat it up with you (347) 945-7597! I’m excited to share with you new happenings and to find out what you’re up to also!  Can’t wait to connect!!Image


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