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The dictionary defines change as the act or instance of making or becoming different, take or use another instead of, make or become different. In a society where you’re told never change, stay the same the act of changing proves to be difficult.  It amazes how when an individual changes for the better, that even in that change someone finds a reason to spew negativity or attempt to refute the change that person attempts to make.

Well, I am learning and have learned that you can’t worry about what people will say or think when YOU make the decision to change for the better.  For me, the smallest changes seemed to have made the most impact in my life and those around me.  The simple act of speaking to strangers, holding a door for others as you’re walking through or the best of all (for me at least) changing the way you speak — ha! I am not ashamed to admit, I had a cursing problem.  I never thought I’d see the day where I could get through a frustrating moment without cursing.  Though that change was an EXCELLENT shift in my  character… I am writing this blog to discuss a deeper change, that is occurring as we speak.

I attended a conference this past weekend; spiritual — not religious.  It instituted a change process in me that I didn’t believe I needed.  Ever made the mistake of thinking “you’re there?”  You know, you’ve conquered some mole hills and don’t think you need to “Face the Mountain?” That was me, just four days ago.  I boarded a charter bus from Lilburn, GA to Orlando, Florida at 6:30 a.m. on Thursday, August 22nd, thinking, “Oh yay, I’m going to a women’s conference to go to church, fellowship, gonna shop, sleep good and eat good.”  Little did I know, where I was headed that day was the first step to a MAJOR transformation.

I did all the things I mentioned in the previous paragraph except go to church.  Hilariously enough, I believed that was what I was going for, but God had a different plan in mind.  I didn’t go to church, I went to Jesus, I had an experience with Him.  You see, I’ve been saved for over 10 years, attended church longer than that, but this weekend, He showed me Who He REALLY is.  I’d played around, got serious when “I” wanted too and well, this weekend He wanted to make sure I KNEW for real!  No there wasn’t any thundering, lightening, massive voice blaring from the sky… it was actually the opposite, sunshine, clouds, cool breeze and calm.  He strategically used EVERY experience I had to minister directly to the MESS in me.  I went to FL thinking, I “got it together” in this area, need a “little work” in that area, boy, did He show me.

I went shopping on Friday afternoon, encountered a woman who continued to take shots at me, but she did it in a way that she was trying to be “funny” pun intended.  Well, little did I know God was preparing me for the message I would be hearing later that evening.  As the woman continued to tease, I found myself responding a lot differently than had I experienced this same scenario a few months ago.  I didn’t take low blows, but instead was very direct with her, ultimately letting her know that she didn’t know me and because she didn’t know me she should be careful how she judges me.

I arrived to service that evening to hear the teacher say, “Be careful how you respond to situations; you can’t go around cussing everybody out.” Ha! In my business for sure!  From that experience to the worship breakthrough I had on Saturday evening at the worship service, my God, it WAS NOT church as usual.  I was freed! Freed from a religious way of thinking that had me under the ignorant impression that I was “there” in certain areas of my life — thank God for His keen Eye to see far beyond me.  I have a whole new way of thinking and I know that I could easily fall back into my old ways, old way of thinking, old processes if I don’t make the choice daily to accept the change.

A change has happened in me; I desire to grow closer to God as a result of this weekend.  Closer than I’ve professed in the past; I desire to study Him, His ways, His character, His promises, Him. I want a real relationship with God, one that I pursue for real.  I realize it takes WORK, real work; lip service gets you no where, but reading, praying, studying, believing, trusting Him, walking out the things that kept me from Him, drawing closer to Him to hear His voice FOR REAL.

Yea, I’ve been changed; I plan to hold on to it!Image


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Do You Really Trust Him?

Do you trust God for real? When life hits….HARD do you trust God to see you through?  I had an experience very recently that tested this question in my life directly.  What do you do when LIFE throws a stone at you and it lands; do you lay there and cry or get up and try?

Question of the day: When life really tries you do you TRUST God?

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What It’s Worth To Know Your Worth

We all live life, go through certain experiences, encounter people, situations, accumulate things that leave us with either a lesson learned or another lesson to go through; however at the end of the day, after all you’ve done, do you truly know your worth? Do you know what God requires of you? Do you love yourself enough to know that you need to do what He’s calling you too? Do you value yourself to tell people No they can’t have access to you? Do you know your worth?

See, we were all created for a specific purpose that works into a common goal and if we all do our part it’s apart of a larger collective.  However, what’s stunted the growth in that process is people not knowing their true value.  You see when you were born, you learned behaviors, developed patterns based on what you saw and what you were taught.  That’s why it’s important to be mindful of what’s spoken into the life of a growing child, what’s done around them, what’s done to them because it becomes them.  The product of who you grew into came from what was sown into you.  If you didn’t have enough positive affirmation spoken into you, you probably grew up feeling insecure, if you weren’t told you were beautiful you’re probably seeking that validation of yourself from someone else.  But this blog is for you to help YOU know your worth, without the validation or affirmation of anyone else. 

We have years of behaviors and patterns to be broken off our lives that will help us arrive to the place of security, confidence and belief that we are as beautiful as God says we are.  When you get to the place of believing in what God says about you, it is ever learning.  You will have to fight to keep your security because so many distractions will come to drag you back to the bless of unbelief in who you are, who God created you to be!

You’re worth more than material possessions, worth more than fruitless relationships, worth more than someone telling you what you need to hear so they can get what they want out of you.  It’s worth the quality of your life to know your worth!


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Connect With Me

Hey WP Family!

The weekend is here!!!  I have lots of productivity in house activities planned for me and my family!!  I wanted to take time to share other outlets of communication where I want you my Word Press family to connect with me:

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This is a repost from a very insightful gentleman that I’ve had the privilege of meeting; he’s an amazing spoken word artist and writer named NFaRed Vines — his favorite color is RED! He posted this piece of truth on a social media site this morning that has truly blessed my life, I HAD TO share it with you my WP family! Read and enjoy!


“Favor ain’t fair” is one of the most asinine religious catch phrases of all time. Here’s why:

By saying this you are insinuating that somehow God is not fair because you got something someone else didn’t. Those who know anything about God however knows that God is a fair and just god who loves all his children equally and doesn’t favor one person over the other. That’s not how he operates. Just because you have what may seem like a better situation than someone else in no way means you are better than anyone in God’s eyes.

Next, people who say this are basically bragging about something they have been blessed with, but are hiding it behind God so that it’s doesn’t seem boastful. Don’t put God in the middle of your mess. If you want to brag and be boastful about something, do it, but leave God out of it. Be warned though about boasting. God has said if you’re going to brag about anything, it should be about how good he is.

Those who have a spiritual relationship with God refuse to latch on to stupid sayings that some gospel singer or TV minister tossed out because it sounded good but in reality has no validity. “Favor ain’t fair” is baseless, and unsound. Just say it out loud and think about how it sounds. This quote goes against everything God stands for as it is riddled with a “I’m better than you” mentality, which is in no way what God is about.

Some Christians are hell bent on letting man determine their relationship with God, so much so that they will repeat anything they think remotely sounds like something a Christian should say.

While I appreciate the efforts of ministers and singers who spread the word of God, before you go running to church today to sing “Favor ain’t fair”, think about the meaning of what you’re hearing.

Also, before you make that regular Sunday post on Facebook that reads, “This is the day that the lord has made”, remember that Sunday is not the only day you can make that post. God made the other six days as well…


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Ole Messy Me….

When you cross the threshold of growing out of who you used to be, no doubt about it, you WILL be reminded of what you did in your past by people, places and things.  This blog focuses on people; when God delivers you from something, grows you out of a place of immaturity, He is 100% certain of His work, what He set out to do was done and completed to perfection.  However, you managing your deliverance is a different story.  God knows you’re human and He understands that you’re faced with a fight to maintain the change within, but He allows you to be tested to make sure you’re tried and true.

For example, me, I used to be THE MESSIEST gossiper on the FACE of this earth (seriously). I didn’t just spill the tea, I brewed it, added sugar to it, passed the cup around to folks to sip on it, then spilled it.  I lived my life thinking ALL WAS WELL with my messy bessy self, until God allowed life to REALLY get a hold of me.  Now, when He first brought me out of the darkness of my gossiping ways, temptations, tests they seemed to come often.  People didn’t believe I was changed and I fell short quite a few times in the very beginning; but now I understand.  I don’t get angry when I am met with a spirit that mirrors the one that used to ail me; instead when I encounter it, I speak directly to it. Most people that are messy have insecurities that they simply don’t want to face, so it’s easier to air and discuss someone else’s dirt than to deal with their own.

I no longer call them temptations, when I am faced with a demon that is toying with me, I call them tests and I am challenged to pass them for more than just me but to give God the glory out of my life, His Story!  I have a lot more growing to do true, but once you’ve gotten past a point you learn to pass the tests; experiences like that truly better you!


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Out Of Old Ways

How do you deal with yourself when you make decisions that land you in a place that has you burdened?  This is a question that I’m asking myself at this VERY MOMENT.  It’s easy to bounce around, smile and be super duper grateful for life when things are “going your way” but what about when you make decisions in one moment that leave you burdened, messed up or out of order in another moment?  How do you cope?

Yes, you take responsibility for where you are, how you ended up there, and you do you try to think of ways to rectify the mess you’ve made but when all else fails what’s next?  Easier said than done, I know but PRAY.  Prayer releases peaces, prayer opens your heart to plans that God has in place to see you through the mess you’ve made.  You get sick and tired of being sick and tired, you want to make decisions that lead to good consequences not circling the same walk way you have been for years.  Honest moment: WP that’s me.  But as I type up this blog, I am paying attention to the words that are given to me so that I can practice what I preach.

I will do better with situations that continue to resurface in my life; I believe God allows things to resurface so that we can learn the lesson and once we learn the lesson it no longer shows its face.  My prayer is that I learn all the necessary lessons in the current situation I’m in so that I can conquer this thing and move on from it forever.  It burdens me, hurts me to no end every time I have to face the same situation; but there’s something different about this time, this time I’m determined to do whatever I need to do to not allow this situation to burdened me as it has many times in the past.  This time I WILL be more disciplined, make the necessary sacrifices to get past this issue that only heavy’s me when I don’t do what I am supposed to do in the moments I am supposed to do them.

WP, this blog is self examining for me — showing me where I need to grow and what I need to do to get better…

Out of Old Ways

Doing things out of haste

Those things resulting in waste

Choices in moments

That affect the future

That you lace with the excuse,

“You only live once”

Or my favorite

“Tomorrow’s not promised”

But then God allows

Tomorrow to show it’s face

Having you to face the decision you made

Learn the lesson in that moment

That God has presented you with

Walk around that manhole

I know you’re tired of falling in it

Here’s some hope

In this message I give

Once you get past this hump

You’ll have wisdom to bless someone else with


​©SimplyStacy Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.Image

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Just Like You

She was created by the Hands of God
Just Like You
She endures pain
Fights through past shames
Just Like You
So why is it that you
Growl at the sista
That walks on the sidewalk by you
Y’all have never met before
She hasn’t done a thing to you
Yet you form your lips to say stuff like,
“Oh, she think she cute”
Could it be the existence of her
Highlights insecurities in you?
Questions, we all as women
Need to ask
Because let’s be honest
We’ve all been here a time or two
But like anything else in life
There is growing we have to do
When will you stop
Disliking your sista
To hate her, is to hate you

©SimplyStacy Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.

‪#‎Unity – let’s break the barriers and go against what statistics says women typically do!


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What Do You Know About That Book

The small rumblings of pebbles on the concrete
Served as her alarm clock awakening her from her sleep
She climbed out of the inner tracks
Saying good bye to the heat
She gathered her things
And made her way to the streets
With her belongings in tow
She headed to the local laundry
She’d made enough money collecting cans to wash that day
That was something to smile about
Clothes all cleaned, folded and bagged
Off to the YMCA to change into the one business outfit she had
They even made copies of her folded up resume
She thinks to herself, “Yes, today will be a good day.”
Office after office, no after no
However, she doesn’t give up
She continues to go
There’s something about persistence
God heard her cry
They offered her a job that day
The day, God changed her life
The HR lady told her, “Expect a telephone call”
She’s homeless though, that’s not going to be easy at all
Letting nothing stop her, she persevered
Sleeping by that telephone booth
Believing that call would come through
And HALLELUJAH it did…
Today where she was
Means more to her than where she is
Never judge a book by its cover
Unless that person’s life, you’ve lived
Encouragement and hope is what she desires to give
She believes her short stint on the streets wasn’t in vain
With toughness in her stride
Tears she’ll never apologize for crying
That girl stands today
Never Judge A Book By It’s Cover

Simply Stacy Poetry


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Just A Little Bit About Me

Just A Little Bit About Me

Hi WordPress Family!  I want to thank all of you that take time to read my posts, share your thoughts and for being such a great group of supporters!!

I wanted to share some links to other sites I manage and other ways to connect with me:

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