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The BEAUTY of ART — Upcoming Events

I’d love to share my words with you WP Family!  Won’t you join me???

Fourth Thursday Open Mic hosted by Lauren Doriahna! I plan to get on the list & the features are Rewop B and Marcus Black Phoenix Turner… Thursday, May 23 7:30 at Urban Grind Coffeehouse, 962 Marietta Street, Atlanta, GA — $5.00 per person!

The Atlanta Arts Renaissance Summer Series, Saturday, June 8th, The Salt Factory 2622 Snapfinger Road, Decatur, GA — show starts at 8p $15 per person, show starts at 8p!!

Radio Feature on Conscious Groove Spoken Word Sundays tune in on June 16th at 7p EST. I’d love to hear your feedback!!

Please connect with me at; I thank you all for your support!!Image


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Poetry & Conversations

Hey WP Family!!!

Sunday, May 19th won’t you join me at Urban Grind Coffeehouse for Poetry & Conversations? I am one of the features artists :). Where: 962 Marietta Street, Atlanta, GA — Admission $5

Show starts at 5:30 — come on our!! I would love to meet you 🙂


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She’s A Better Friend To Me Then I Am To Her…


How many of us will be honest and say we’ve either been the friend undervalued or the friend doing the undervaluing of the people we call “friend”??

I found myself undervaluing people I called friends after being undervalued for so long by the people I thought were my friends. After being subjected to a pattern of behavior for so long you ultimately develop a characteristic that reflects what you’ve been through. Yea, that’s me…no excuses, accountability is accepted.

The principles you operate in the most are the ones that derive from the hardest experiences you endured to learn them, wouldn’t you agree?

One of my biggest mistakes in life has been affording the title of friend to people before allowing God to direct me as to their placement in my life. Huge mistake! There is nothing wrong with giving folks the benefit of the doubt, I mean that is the least one could do. However, you have instincts for a reason, you have the ability to deductively reason and most importantly, I probably should’ve listed it first, Spiritual guidance. I mean, God created you, He’d be the BEST One to tell you who should be in what position in your life.

Misjudgment of character pertaining to friendships, lead to hurt feelings, bitterness and discord. A person that God might’ve meant to enter your life for a season for a particular reason you make an eternal friend. You give them a charge that they aren’t equipped to handle because you don’t take the time to consult God and allow Him to guide your steps as far as how you should build the relationship. This often leads to painful breaks in relationship, anger, hurt feelings, etc. The list goes on and on.

I’m on the journey of doing better because I know better. A series of experiences has caused me to assess how I am as a friend, reflecting on past mishaps in relationships I’ve had with folks, looking at current relationships, making sure I understand who serves what purpose in my life.

We can’t live on one accord if we each don’t understand our individual purpose. That responsibility is on us as individuals, to spiritually connect with God, gain an understanding and acceptance of who we are in His eyes and work toward understanding our overall purpose in life and the lives of those He connects us too.

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The Poetic Alliance Presents: Speak Freely & Let The Mic Take Flight

**TONIGHT** Don’t let the rain stop you from the experience! A poetry showcase, The Poetic Alliance Presents: Speak Freely & Let the Mic Take Flight!!

When: May 4th
Where: Kats Cafe, 970 Piedmont Ave, NE, Atlanta, GA
Time: 6p to 8p
Admission: $5

Won’t you join me and a group of amazing poets prepared to put on an amazing show for you!!!! Continue reading

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Hey WP Fam! I hope y’all are doing well!! I wanted to catch up with y’all and share upcoming events that I’d love to meet you at!

This Saturday, May 4th at 6p please join me at the Poetic Alliance Poetry showcase! Admission, only $5….where, Kat’s Cafe, 970 Piedmont Avenue, Atlanta, GA! This is not just another poetry show, tell a friend, if you’re in the area, please come out and support. I’ll be performing with eight other artists who’ve put hard work in to put on a GREAT, sincere show for you! We’d be no where without y’all and the support you give!!Image

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