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Growing…Now I Know Where I’m Going

I’m transitioning; has all transitions been painless? Certainly not! However, each transition has grown something new in me or something old out of me.  I started a journey of sharing my poetry publicly; I’ve gone through the insecurity phase associated with that portion of my journey.  I’ve often wondered why I’m not as “good” as some of the artists I’ve shared stages with or seen perform.  Thinking on that, I had to be snatched back, “According to who’s standards are you measuring if you’re good enough?” that’s what the still small Voice spoke to my heart (convicting).

The next phase of my transition is complete; I’m secure, truly secure being me. No, I may not have the the most theatrical presentation of poetry, I may not be able to send the audience on a metaphorical journey to understanding; but I can speak life eloquently in the way that God intends for me to do.  I’m growing, learning with each step where I’m going and it feels good.  It feels good to get past my PAST; you overcome things daily, through self examination, acceptance and release. You examine yourself, ensure that you’re standing on solid ground, not worrying about what others are doing (I mean, when do you have time, you can barely keep up with you).  You accept that there are somethings that will happen in life that you simply can’t control, there are somethings you just won’t know till you get there, there are some things you just have to accept!  Then there’s release, release yourself from your past, release yourself from what’s offended you, release yourself from thoughts that aren’t beneficial to you… RELEASE

I stand today, RIDICULOUSLY thankful for where I am.  I have a LONG way to go, but I have to remember I had a long way to go to get here and I made it, I’ll make it there too!  The key is, I’ll never give up Hope, I’ll hold on tight to my Faith, and remember that every fall isn’t in vain God has a purpose for that too!Image


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Love — Why Can’t They Be Happy For Real?

I’ve been married for 14 years, no I won’t sit here & say they’ve been 14 years of bliss… That’d be a lie; however it’s transformed. The first ten years of my marriage were built on good intentions but not God intentions ((that’s where the husband & I went horribly wrong)). We married, birthed kids & established a home based on what “we thought” was right listening to none of God’s DIRECTION. Needless to say we had to endure a major humbling experience which was leading us to divorce.

The thought process at that time was “I’m not getting this…” “You’re not doing that…” “We don’t have this…” “I want that…” Let us not forget the insurmountable amount of PRIDE that plagued us lol! The rest of the world couldn’t learn of this… So we in our OWN UNDERSTANDING decided to try to work something out amicably between us ((ha ha ha)) we were so delusional. I mean, if we couldn’t meet simple agreements in the marriage following our own way, what in the heck did we think we could do in a divorce *shaking my head*

God is funny! He allowed us to run around like lab rats trying to find our way until we finally stopped….and thought about why were we married, why are we divorcing & what was missing that made us want to divorce?

We went through a process, almost two years of tears, pain, anger, selfishness, the whole nine, to get HERE today! Where is here you ask? A place of peace, real love, understanding, joy in each other, growth & covenant. When we said “I do” in 1999, to be quite honest we didn’t know what we were committing ourselves too. We were doing what society said was the “right” thing to do. But once we said no to ourselves & yes to God, the transformation took place. We realized we were in an oath to Him with each other. Committed to standing together when life “hit” trusting Him to lead us, & most importantly giving Him all of the glory out of our story.

We catch a lot of flack today, believe it or not b/c our love is real & we demonstrate it. That baffles me, why in the heck are people mad when you’re happy ((sincerely)) & glad when things are rocky? Well we digress because their insecurities are NOT our issue. We want to lead by example, we’ve followed long enough. So, today you meet an imperfect perfection in the union of my husband & me. Who are growing in a Godly love for each other daily…

There’s more praying, less arguing. We learned, screaming at each other never solved a thing, just made us madder. We embrace one another’s individuality, sharing our thoughts & dreams with each other more. We keep people OUT of our business & God all in it. Most important of all we tell each other the truth! Even if it hurts, we tell it.

We are in love FOR REAL!


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I Am Valuable Mentoring Program™

I Am Valuable Mentoring Program™

There are so many organizations seeking to “help” our youth; which left me with a question when it was placed in my spirit to begin my own organization; exactly how do you plan to help them?  I Am Valuable Mentoring Program™ was birthed in 2008; during a time where I myself, was confused, insecure, and doing my own thing without accountability.  One would say, how can you be in a position to help anybody? Well, I wasn’t but the seed was planted, because God knew this day would come, the day where I’d stand strong and ready to make a real impact in the world.

I Am Valuable Mentoring Program™ is designed for young girls between the ages of 9 – 19, very crucial years; however the program seeks to make a huge dent in the world of sex trafficking.  So many of our children, in the US and third world countries are falling prey to this HORRID epidemic and though I may not be able to save the world, I’ll start with one girl.  This program will be different, not fueled by government funding and stifled by the standards that come with it, but funded by those that are touched by the movement, the desire to see a better future for our youth.  What will I Am Valuable Mentoring Program™ do for them? Start by encouraging them to love themselves, know their value, that they were created with something special to change the world too. Expose them to different cultures, with the hopes of breaking the boundaries that societal class systems, social circles and clique minded mentalities have created.  We will teach them how to stand self sufficiently, continuing to encourage them to use the knowledge learned wisely.

Now, our youth don’t just stop with our girls, our boys need mentors too.  So it is my hope that once I Am Valuable Mentoring Program™ grows we will be able to implement a program for boys with male volunteers seeking to help also.  How can you help today? Start by clicking on the link of this page, liking the Facebook link and telling a friend about it today.  I Am Valuable Mentoring Program™ is not just another teen “help” program, believe that.

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