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Don’t Take It Personal

Sometimes it’s hard not to take it personally when you over hear or are told that someone is talking about you in a not so good way. But I’m learning NOT to take it personally. Why? Because what someone says about me, is none of my business, especially if they don’t have the guts to say it directly to me. Now, I’m not saying you should sit around and allow someone to defame your character or speak derogatorily about about you causing your harm or danger. But I’m talking about the piddle paddle stuff: like when someone gossips about you, speculate about what you do, formulating their own version of what’s true… that’s the type of interaction should not warrant a reaction from you.

When folks sit around looking for reasons to say “ANYTHING” about you…that’s your opportunity to put the positive spin on it. They’ve made you a PRIORITY in their life EVERY time they open their mouth to speak about you. Think about it for a second, of all the things in life one could shift their focus too, this person or persons decides to keep their focus on you. It’s like your name is the moniker on an awning affixed to their forehead. To me, that’s an ego booster! I know it’s frustrating having your name in someone’s mouth spewing negative energy and trying to bring you down with their words…but you have no control over that. What you do have control over is NOT giving them control of you by how you react to what they say…

Don’t get angry; keep your peace, keep living and doing you, give the naysayers, liars, gossipers NO ENERGY, let them talk, their insecurities are not your issue. I heard someone say, “Whether you’re doing good or bad, folks are going to always talk about you; since that’s the case, keep doing you!”



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REPOST: I Am Valuable Exclusive By Blaq Kharma

REPOST: I Am Valuable Exclusive By Blaq Kharma

Excellent read! Check it out WordPress, it’s about “I Am Valuable Mentoring Program™”

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My event launching my spoken word CD & Book: Love & Worship: A Lyrical Journey For the Heart & Soul, was AWESOME! I couldn’t have done it without the willing participants, every artists, every audience member, every friend and family member that lent a hand, prayed, encouraged and inspired made that night happen…. However, I’m here to talk about WHY, why that night happened. I wish I could say to sell CDs, books, & Tees so that I could buy the NEXT BIG THING, but it wasn’t for that reason. It was for the future, our children, our young men and women.  I am launching a mentoring program, “I Am Valuable Mentoring Program™.”  This program is designed from a sincere place of concern, care, and compassion for our future.  I’m committed to using portions of the proceeds from the sales of my book, CD, and Tees to go toward this program.  What is I Am Valuable Mentoring Program™ about? Glad you asked,

I Am Valuable Mentoring Program™ is a program focused helping young girls from all walks of life. Young ladies from all races, social statuses, and financial backgrounds are welcomed. I Am Valuable™ will help participants by providing them with positive role models and educate them on various topics that will enhance their quality of life. I Am Valuable™ will offer options to young women who may otherwise “think” they have none. One of the goals of I Am Valuable™ is to help develop young women in ways of becoming strong leaders, confident in whom they are and all they do while emphasizing good moral standing. I Am Valuable™ will focus on the uniqueness of each participant, nurturing & cultivating their individual gifts allowing them the opportunity to set goals, identify their dreams, and pursue their purpose. I Am Valuable™ seeks to take the focus off of where one comes from and places it on where one is going.

Hopefully you will partner with me, in making this much needed dream a reality! I want to help more than just myself, God has done a great job of making sure I’m taken care of, now it’s time for me to use what He’s placed within to help somebody else. For more information about I Am Valuable Mentoring Program™ – visit

Look out, I Am Valuable™ is coming! Thank you for reading!Image

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****January 19th**** Love & Worship Album/Book Release Event

Hey WordPress Family!!!

The time is near! The album/poetry book release event for Love & Worship: A Lyrical Journey For The Heart & Soul is one week away!!! Will you be there? Visit Album Release – RSVP & RSVP for this free event today!!!


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