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November Events

Thank you all for supporting me on my journey! I have a few events coming up and I want to share them with you all:

Saturday, November 10th, Do You Lyric Lounge – Urban Grind Coffeehouse 962 Marietta Street, Atlanta, GA – $5.00 per person, show starts at 7!
It packs FAST, get there early!!

Thursday, November 18th, 3rd Thursday Night Open Mic – Urban Grind Coffeehouse 962 Marietta Street, Atlanta, GA – $5.00 per person, show starts at 8!
It packs FAST, get there early!!

Thank you all for your never ending support and encouragement!

Please stop by and say hi from time to time!


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All Things New!

Hey WordPress family! I appreciate you all and your continuous support of me and my journey toward fulfilling my God given purpose through poetry! I wanted to share with you the latest milestone of my AMAZING journey! SimplyStacy has a WEBSITE!!!

Don’t worry, I’ll continue to post here and share updates, WordPress is AMAZING; if I no longer posted here, that’d be like plugging a running well in a dry dessert, crazy! When time allows, please stop by my new site and I’d love to hear your thoughts!! Thank you all again for your support and I pray you’ve had a GREAT week!

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It’s O.K.

I received confirmation at New Mercies today that it is OK to live life with a disposition that is reflective of the God we serve. “We serve a God that can heal our broken state; you’re not to stay miserable.” I took that for just as it’s written, I serve the almighty God & though every day may not be sunny, it doesn’t mean I have to walk around with a rainy disposition. It’s OK for us as Believers to have hope in Christ, to smile & live like it too.

You’re not being a hypocrite b/c you choose to smile even though nothing happening around you warrants a smile, you can smile b/c you know Who is in control. Pastor Curney taught a message that freed me a little bit more today! What others think about me, is none of my business, nor does it hinder what God is doing in me. If folks remember you for who you used to be, that’s OK too, b/c whatever they think can’t negate the permanent transformation that God did in you! If nothing else, they have to give Him GLORY b/c He’s the ONLY REASON you are better than what you were.

I enjoy service every single Sunday, no matter who’s teaching, b/c God is ALWAYS there! I don’t attend a dead church, my life is far from dead, fruit abounds, & growth is evident!

S/N: If you’ve confessed Christ, turned over your life to Him, it’s time for you to accept the forgiveness He died for and move forward. Get off of the “what I did” train & hop aboard the “Lord, where do You need me to be,” train instead! **TOOT TOOT**

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Unique You

When we catch hold of the fact that we are so unique that we don’t need to do anything that’s like anybody else…we eliminate most of energy draining things in our life. When you know who you are, you don’t worry about what folks have to say , you don’t worry about what anyone else is doing, you don’t worry about anything else but what you’re doing yourself. You are your own brand, God made sure
you were. He created billions of people & every single one of them is unique, no two people are the same. Think about that for a second, you’re different, there’s no body in the WORLD like you…which means, there’s something UNIQUE that you’ve been placed here to do. When you realize that, all the things you’ve given, time, tears, worry, fears, anguish, anger, hurt & pain too become trivial to you.

Don’t know who you are, start the journey of finding out. Write down your dreams, when you pray, tell God exactly what’s going on, what you desire to be done in you, how you want to improve. Start the journey of finding out about you. We spend our time all in others folks business, I mean some of us, we go as far as to research to get the scoop, imagine what you could do for your own life, if you did all that to find out more about you….

S/N: I know who I am, Who’s I am b/c of that I have a responsibility to act accordingly. He didn’t create me, just to create me, He created me to be something, do something, bless somebody! Who I am is ME….

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Reflections – Poetry by Simply Stacy

Performance at Do You Lyric Lounge hosted by Lady Vee at Urban Grind Coffeehouse in ATL.

Hope you all enjoy it!

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Simply Stacy Upcoming Performances

Hey Everybody! I’m performing at a few spots this coming October, hopefully you can join me at one of em:

Saturday, October 13th – DO YOU Lyric Lounge-ATL at Urban Grind Coffeehouse. Show starts at 6:30 (get there early it packs up quick) cost $5 per person – 962 Marietta Street, Atlanta, GA

Thursday, October 18th – 3rd Thursdays with Shawn Deagnelo at Urban Grind Coffeehouse. Show starts at 7:30; cost $5 per person – 962 Marietta Street, Atlanta, GA

Sunday, October 28th – C.O.F.F.I.E. Presents “Lift Every Voice” Gospel/Inspirational Open-Mic. Show starts at 6:30; cost is $5 per person – Our Place Bakery, 3387 Main Street  College Park, GA 30337Image

I hope you all can make it to at least one event, if not, please share it with somebody today! All of these events are taking place in the A!

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