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We all live, dream, endure drama, pain, happiness, extreme excitement, grief, sadness, and best of all we have the choice to DO… do something about our dreams, our drama, our pain, our happiness, our excitement, our grief, our sadness we can DO something with or about it.

Dreams; Move toward your dreams do something to achieve them (at least try) so you won’t have the regret of never even attempting to see them come to pass

Drama; Eliminate the drama in your life, even if that means having to remove some lifelong folks from around you, do what you have too to remove the drama from around you. And if the drama starts with you, make a choice to become a better you, drama free, bringing light and peace into EVERY room you walk into

Pain; first, acknowledge that you’re in pain, if you have a relationship with Christ, have a conversation with Him about you pain, cry through it, scream it out, just make sure you get it out of you, because if you hold on to pain it soon turns into bitterness…rid yourself of the pain you feel

Happiness; it’s an emotion that we’d all like to hold on too when it graces us with its presence. Embrace and enjoy your happiness, your happy moments thank God for them, make the most of them, produce something long-lasting and life changing for someone else out of them. Never let happiness pass you by without leaving a good memory attached to it

Excitement; share the excitement that you embody, through kind words, acts, your smile, your embrace, let the essence of you exude the excitement you feel! BE EXCITED

Grief; don’t let it consume you, face it, fight through it, but don’t wallow in it and don’t allow it to fester within. We all grieve or have grieved over someone, something, the loss of someone, losing something. It’s OK to grieve, just make a choice to be free from the grief as soon as God opens the door for you to do so. Pray, trust, believe and remain positive that grief won’t last ALWAYS.

Sadness; it’s an emotion that keeps many of bogged down, in a wallow state. As I stated before, it’s OK to be sad too, it’s an expression of how you feel, but like grief and pain, don’t allow sadness to consume you.  As you can see the three of them go hand in hand…and they all result in a life of misery and bitterness if not dealt with properly.

You’re meant to be at peace with the life God has given you, even if it isn’t the life you pictured for you…the peace you have is not in what you have but Who you have. Live….starting today! LIVE…. God wants you too!Image


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Blessed to Be A Blessing

I realize something; the most effective gifts are the one’s that bless others more than it blesses the one that’s gifted.  That was not an easy lesson to learn because we’re all born selfish (although some don’t like to admit that) but it’s the absolute truth; we’re all born with a selfish, self indulging nature, that with wisdom, maturity and spiritual growth that selfishness can be worked out of you. It’s a process, that is definitely for sure, but I’ve learned it’s one worth going through.

So, God blessed me with a gift that is uniquely designed for me; yes there are others operating in a similar gift, but each of our gifts are unique. I am not supposed to compare my gift to my neighbor next to me, nor am I to strive to be anything other than what He created me to be. Here I stand today, finally getting out of my own way to do things for His Glory, let me tell y’all it changed my WHOLE STORY! Where my pages were once filled with words like “I, me, Stacy,” it’s now filled with “help more, love them, bless them, give” the selfishness is me is being purged, for that, I’m HAPPY!

I said all of that to simply say, what ever it is that God has given you to do; MAKE SURE it blesses someone else, other than you!

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What He Placed In Me…

What He’s placed in me

Will be easier to see

If only I decreased me


You see, who I am

Is not who I will be

If I continue this path

Finish this journey

It’s not about embracing

Who I want to be

It’s about becoming

Who He sees when He looks at me


What He placed in me

Is bigger than me

So, my intelligence and understanding

Can’t bring forth

What’s to be

I need Him to guide, direct, and show me

Every step

Every move

Nothing that I do

Can be done without You


What He placed me

Is not just for me

It’s purposefully placed

To bless many

That’s why I can’t make this journey

About me

Because what He placed in me

Is SOLELY for His Glory

What He placed in me

Was placed in me

Simply because I was willing

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What He Placed In me…I don’t take lightly

What He Placed In me...I don't take lightly

Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying:

“Whom shall I send,
And who will go for Us?”

Then I said, “Here am I! Send me.

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You Are Valuable

I have a mentoring program, called I Am Valuable Mentoring Program.  What prompted me to begin this work was the staggering statistics I read about young girls self esteem:

Girls and Insecurities

  • 7 in 10 Girls believe they are not good enough or do not measure up in some way including their looks, performance i school and relationship with friends and family members.
  • 62% Girls are insecure about themselves

Low Self Esteem and Bad Behavior

  • 75% of girls with low self-esteem report engaging in negative activities such as eating disorders, cutting, smoking, drinking when feeling bad about themselves.
  • 25% of teen girls with low self-esteem purposefully injure or cut themselves
  • 25% of teen girls with low self-esteem have eating disorders (starving, refusing to eat, overeating, throwing up, bulimia)

Parental Influence Good and Bad

  • Girls with low self-esteem less likely to receive praise from parents but more criticism
  • 34% of girls with low-self esteem feel they are not good enough of a daughter.
  • 57% of girls have mothers who criticizes her looks
  • 57% of girls don’t tell mothers things about them because of they don’t want them to think bad of them

*Stats from

These unbelievable stats blew my mind! Our young women are suffering because they don’t know how valuable they are!  I Am Valuable seeks to help these young ladies heal and finally see the beauty that they each hold.  We’ve designed a program that will first help young women with their self esteem, then identify their dreams, develop a skill or skills, then understand that they all have a purpose.
Contact us today if you need any additional information at  We’re still in the planning stage and hope to launch a full fledged program in 2013! Your support would be appreciated GREATLY!


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Getting To Give

I’m getting to give; I know that may sound strange to many but that’s where I am.  It took me a long time, hard trials, and a lot of selfishness purge to get here, but I’m here sincerely. Whatever I get, I want to give it. If I get notoriety when God uses me, I want give others notoriety, making sure I support ministries, esteem others higher than me. I want to get to give. While I wait to get, I plan to give all I have until I am empty.  No, I don’t plan to be a fool and give to every slanted eye and crooked smile, but I plan to discern making sure that whatever/whoever I sew into takes that seed I plant and grows it the EXTRA mile. 

People need people, even the ones “we label” unnecessary, they’re needed too. I need to stop and take moment to thank God for not labeling me, the way I’ve labeled many. Help me to treat others as gate keepers to the next destination in my journey. What God puts in, please understand, Satan seeks to cipher out, so it’s our responsibility to guard our hearts after it’s been cleansed and refilled with God’s intentions. Satan is no fool, he’s always on his job too, and if God gives something to you, it is GUARANTEED to be of use to someone other than you. Satan doesn’t want us to impact anyone else. He likes it when we esteem ourselves, thinking about ourselves, doing what’s best for us in silo without regard for others. That’s selfish, which is directly out of line with God, Who’s SELFLESS (Jesus is proof).

So, I’m getting to give and I hope to give as much as I can before my spirit man leaves this land. Please note when my CD comes out, “Love & Worship: A Lyrical Journey For the Heart & Soul” it will bless more than just me. I plan to reach, teach, touch, bless as many as God allows me too. I’ll start right now by saying thank you to those of you who’ve taken the time and energy to read, like, or even share this blog. You’re impacting somebody, more than me. Thank you for your selfless act of kindness today!Image

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Excuses are NOT an option

I’ve learned in very recent parts of me journey, that WE are all created to eliminate excuses.  I mean, think about what you do, there is someone out there who has an excuse not to do what it is that is effortless for you. God seems to always send someone who is walking out a purpose that He’s called you too but you’ve made up an excuse as to why you can’t do what He’s told you.  There’s somebody out there adamantly saying NO to something you’ve said YES too. God just might use you to help them answer there call.  They call them reasons, I call reasons dressed up excuses.

Now, let’s talk about you, what have you made up an excuse to not do? Raise your hand, we’re all guilty of it. Look over your life, is there something unfinished, waiting for you to move? I’m also learning that the HARD stuff for you to do, is the stuff that God Himself will attend personally to. I’m eliminating the word EXCUSE from my vocabulary, won’t you join me?


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ONLY the Beginning

My journey started way before me…
God had a plan for me before my father and mother thought to create who is now Stacy…
God sees things inside of me that without focusing on Him, my fleshly eyes will never see
This…right here…is ONLY THE BEGINNING!

I began seriously pursuing my poetry this year; I came into agreement with God and it was like the Heaven’s whispered, “Finally.” As soon as I said yes to His will, His way…He moved. There’s no other way I can explain it, it was QUICK. What He illuminated to me was, “I had it for you all along, but I couldn’t give it to you until you reached for it.”  I reached and here is where I stand today…the BEGINNING!

I’m starting this blog to connect and share poetry, my journey, to hear about the journey’s of others, and most importantly, share what He places in me to bless many!  I am Simply Stacy; welcome to the blog of Simply Stacy Poetry. I hope you enjoy this wonderful, unknowingly unique journey that God has me on; where it’s not about me but those He seeks to reach!  I am releasing a Spoken Word album entitled, Love & Worship: A Lyrical Journey For the Heart & Soul in December 2012.  It is my hope that with this album ears will hear and receive the Love that God has poured into it, using me.


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